Probe Muslim Murders, Says Kabaka

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has extended his heart-felt condolences to the Muslim community for the increasing cases of murder that have claimed several of Muslim clerics in the country.

Kabaka Mutebi appealed to the government to carry out investigations and imprison the culprits over the murder of the late Muslim leaders.

The call was entailed in the Kabaka’s new year message that was delivered by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga,  as he addressed the Kabaka’s subjects who gathered at Kasubi Royal Tombs to inspect the progress of the activities for the past one month period.

This follows another directive by President Yoweri Museveni to the Inspector of Police Gen Kale Kayihura to speed up the investigations and find the killers of Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Abdul Kadir Muwaya who were shot dead at the close of last month.

Ssaabasajja also advised people to be careful and avoid accidents in the New Year especially vehicle drivers and this is due to the increased cases of accidents in 2014.

Prime Minister Mayiga called upon Baganda to appeal to God for a better life, resilience and unity in this New Year. Provided the above Buganda will step to the helm.

He stressed that people should get to work in spite of all challenges and hindrances.

However he emphasized Kabaka’s subjects not to be moved by words that are diverting them from the right direction that pushes Buganda forward.

At the event,  Katikkiro of the Kasubi Royal Tombs Ssaalongo Mulumba called for double efforts to realise that the tombs, also known as the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga house is finished.

Mulumba pleaded to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga to announce the deadline day when the Muzibu Azaala Mpanga will be accomplished.

Mulumba was overwhelmed by the appearance of the Kasubi sites which is now very preserved and a very remarkable place than it was even before it caught blaze in 2010.

Nnaalinnya Beatrice Namikka appreciated the role played by the subjects in the re-construction of the Kasubi royal tombs.


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