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Pro-Mbabazi Youth Kaggwa Breaks Silence on Arrest

By Alice Ayebazibwe

Following the burning of structures at Basajjabalaba Secondary School in Ishaka, drug Bushenyi district on July 1, page police have detained 4 students in connection with the incident.

Two girls and two boys, whose identities have been protected since they are minors, were found in Mpondwe town in Kasese District after other students reported back to school on July 17.

Police have been searching for suspects behind the fire that destroyed the girls’ dormitory in which students’ property worth millions of shillings was lost.

The school’s headteacher Mushin Matsiko had sent students home for two weeks pending investigations into the cause of the fire and to allow renovation of the dormitories.

“Police have revealed that they have suspects in custody. We will wait for the outcome of their investigations,” said Matsiko.

The school belongs to tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba.

This is not the first school in the district to register such a fire incident.


Students at Paramount Secondary School in Kigoma recently went on strike after boys were denied a chance to sit with girls during entertainment hours.

Fire was recently reported at Kizinda Parents School in Matsya village, Nyabubare sub-county. The cause is under investigation.

Authorities say such incidents not only lead to loss of property but deny students chance to cover the entire syllabi.

More than 21 students are detained in connection with fire incidents in Bushenyi district.
On Friday morning, health news spread like a wild fire that NRM Poor Youth spokesperson Vincent Kaggwa had been arrested from his home near Mulago before being whisked away by security.

During the weekend, stomach rumours continued spreading on social media that Kaggwa had died after being arrested.

However, today (Monday) morning, reports came in that Kaggwa was released and returned home safely.

ChimpReports managed to hook up with the member of the controversial NRM Poor Youth who narrated circumstances under which he was arrested and detained for 3 days.

“On Thursday morning at around 10:00 am, plain-clothed operatives who later identified themselves as members from Police’s Flying Squad came and demanded that they search my house for a stolen mobile phone they suspected had been hidden inside before ordering me to go with them to Central Police Station to answer some charges,”  the 25-year-old  narrated.

“They then bundled me onto a waiting vehicle before being whisked away.”

Kaggwa explains that at CPS, he spent a few minutes in the cells before being transferred to an unknown police station using a Silver Toyota Noah series from where he spent the rest of the day.

The activists said his face was covered with a hood and transferred again to another place.

“All this time I was unconscious and by the time I regained my consciousness, night time had fallen. They then pouring cold water from a pipe on me as they interrogated me on supporting Mbabazi and circulating his T. shirts and posters,” Kaggwa added.

“They told me that if I wanted to run, I should go ahead with it if I had the powers to do it. I was asked to narrate to them our intended journey to Kenya to meet Obama. I was put to task to explain why we intended to demonstrate on Kampala streets.”

When asked about feeding, Kaggwa said he was given food on a daily basis and that the meals were changed every day.

“At first I refused the food for fear of poisoning but after realizing I would die of hunger, I accepted and ate the food which varied each day.”

Kaggwa did not have any bodily signs of torture as earlier alleged.

A copy of the police bond given to Kaggwa
A copy of the police bond given to Kaggwa

Kaggwa’s Wife Narrates

According to Charlotte Kemigisha, Kaggwa’s wife, the men in plain clothes swung into action on Thursday morning as they had just finished having breakfast and demanded to search the house.

“He (Kaggwa) stood at the entrance and demanded they present their identification documents or else they would not be allowed into the house. Meanwhile, I ran to the village LC1 chairman who immediately came before the men showed to us the search warrant,” Kemigisha recounted.

“A few minutes after entering the house, they then claimed that they wanted Mbabazi T-shirts and posters which they found in the house, collected them before ordering him to sign a document acknowledging the presence of the said materials and went way with him to CPS.”

Kemigisha said afternoon he went to CPS to see how her husband would be released but her efforts were futile as she was told Kaggwa had not been brought at the police station.

Kemigisha further stated that on several occasions she checked in the records book for those in the CPS custody but her husband’s name was missing.

“However, I was advised by one policeman that if my husband had been arrested by plain clothed operatives, I ought to check with the Flying Squad for there was a possibility he was with the unit. On reaching the desk, I was told his name was in their record book but he was not in their custody and they didn’t know his whereabouts,” Kemigisha added.

Kaggwa’s wife noted that together with the family they continued with their search before being told that he was with Flying Squad operatives but was not allowed to talk to anyone until further instructions.


The 25-year-old NRM Poor Youth member narrated that he was presented with a police bond on Monday morning (today) which he signed before being released.

“According to the bond, I was being charged with planning to cause chaos during Eid celebrations which according to me is not right. How could I do that to my Muslim brothers and sisters? May be they had other motives for arresting me but there was no way I was going to cause mayhem and chaos on Eid day,” Kaggwa narrates.

Vincent Kaggwa narrates how he was arrested
Vincent Kaggwa narrates how he was arrested

Kaggwa expressed happiness having regained his freedom as well as meeting his family and friends.

Kemigisha says that she received a phone call in the wee hours of Monday asking her to pick Kaggwa from CPS.

“The caller told me that if I wanted to see my husband, I had to rush to CPS but insisted I go alone to pick him. At around 6 am I arrived at CPS before being asked to present my Identity card and I signed on the police bond.”

Police Speak out on Kaggwa Arrest, Release

Addressing journalists during the weekly press briefing at the police headquarters in Naguru on Monday morning, police spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed Kaggwa’s arrest after being found with campaign materials of one of the Presidential aspirants.

“The materials were meant to be distributed on Eid day at places of worship which would disrupt Eid day celebrations. The law allows police to prevent intended crime and that’s what we did,” Enanga told journalists.

Enanga said Kaggwa was treated with dignity. He said investigations into the matter will proceed.

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