Private School Owners Want Tax Breaks

Private School proprietors in the country have asked government to allow them some tax benefits like other investors.

The call was made Friday by private school directors under the Federation of Non-State Education Institutions (FENEI), who were meeting in Mbarara at Pelkan Hotel.

The workshop attracted school directors from 30 districts and was meant formalize the Federation operations and build membership.

Dr. Stephen Waako Muzinge, the FENEI chairperson for the Eastern region asked government to give tax breaks to private schools as has been the case with especially foreign investors.

 “It is very paramount for the government to take note that private and local investors as far as education is concerned should be given optimum chances to enjoy the benefits of investments in Uganda,” said Muzinge.

“These people who have invested in education need tax benefits like they have been giving tax waivers tax, holidays to foreign investors, some of who are masqueraders.”

He added that while school proprietors invest a lot of money to maintain education standards, government needs to play its part in helping these individuals, increase school grants, support capacity building and provide them with soft loans.

Speaking at the event, The DEO Mbarara Gabriel Ahimbisibwe thanked directors of schools for complementing government’s works on education and welcomed the federation in the district.

“Government alone cannot manage administering education in this nation, we need your support and partnership in terms of human resource and facilities; so as Mbarara district chairman you have all my total support” he said

The western region federation chairperson Laban Kanywa revealed that under the association a number of seminars will be opened to train and sensitize teachers about professional code of conduct and how to handle students in a friendly authoritative manner but not harassing them.

The Federation which is headquartered in Ntinda, Kampala is slated to be officially commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni at the Kololo Independence Grounds in October.

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