Prisons Spokesperson Frank Baine Warns Boda Boda Operators against Blocking Security Convoys

Security agencies have warned disgruntled citizens against staging unlawful Anti- Covid-19 Lockdown demonstrations that interrupt the movement of security forces.

“If you are going to stage a roadblock, kindly avoid blocking security forces. So my little brothers and sons, know where you play your part,” Baine warned.

The Spokesperson of Uganda Prisons Service (UPS), Frank Baine said this in reaction to an incident early on Monday where Prison vehicles were blocked by an irate mob of Boda Boda cyclists at Kitintale, a city suburb.

It is understood that the commercial motorcyclists were protesting against the Government’s delay to open their sector.

However, while addressing the press today, Baine pointed out that while they were able to handle the matter with civility, the situation could have gone out of hand if force was applied.

“Today we deliberately decided not to use the means we could have used because we thought you needed to be warned and this warning has been sounded,” he vowed.

As such, he warned citizens against taking matters into their hands and urged them instead to seek redress with the respective authorities if at all they have issues with the Covid-19 LockDown.

“If you have grievances, you know where to address them. And, blocking prison’s vehicles is not one of your areas where you should be trying your luck,” Baine advised.


“Because either since you are looking for work, they will get you and bring you and I will show you what work means,” he added.

It should be noted that on Friday last week, Uganda Police arrested a score of boda boda cyclists after they attempted to block a Presidential Convoy in Kampala in protest over Government’s delay in reopening their business.

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