Prisons Shs. 16B Shortfall Blamed On Poor Maize Prices, Army Worm

Parliament has learnt that during the last financial year, Uganda Prison Service failed to raise the projected 26.8 billion shillings in Non Tax Revenue (NTR).

Only Shs. billion shillings was collected.

Appearing before Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Wednesday, Samuel Baker Emiku the accounting officer Uganda Prisons partly attributed this to a dip in maize grain market.

Due to loss of value, Emiku says 180 metric tons of seed maize which were intended to raise 810 million ended up being used to feed prisoners.

He says, these cereal seeds had to be reverted to food since they were fast accumulating aflatoxins.

“These seeds before they hit the market have to be passed as certified seeds. It has to score 90% and that which scores less does not go to the market. So the only option is to be consumed,” Emiku explained.

Nathan Nandala Mafabi the PAC Chairman however questioned how these seeds came to feed prisoners yet there was money allocated to this effect.

Responding, Eli Muhumuza the Director of planning Muhumuza says this was unavoidable due to meager resources provided. Specifically, Muhumuza says last year, only 28 billion shillings was provided out of 62 billion that was budgeted to feed 57,336 inmates.


In turn, he says that left a shortfall of 34.3 billion.

More so, Prison officials say during the same season harvests were affected by the army worm attack and drought.

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