Museveni: Uganda Ready For Mineral Wealth

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has highlighted the need to merge the Human rights Commission and the Equal Opportunities Commission in the country if work and labor is to be equitably distributed among Ugandans.

While speaking to journalists in Kampala, medicine the UPC spokesperson, Okello Lucima noted that the current distribution of labor in government and other big parastatles is portraying a high level of inequality among Ugandans.

“We are calling for a diversity hiring policy were work force must reflect and be represented by all Ugandans in terms of gender, tribe, region, age , size and disability within the different places of work,” Lucima noted.

Lucima said most government jobs are managed and run by people hailing from a certain region in the country of a single tribe which has rendered the Equal Opportunities Commission ineffective.

He added that this is also seen in big entities within the country such as URA, Oil companies, high institutions of learning, KCCA, UBOS, NSSF, and UNBS which employs members hailing from the same region in the big positions.

“We believe that if the Human Rights Commission teams up with the Equal Opportunities Commission, this will help reduce such employment inequalities in the country,” he remarked.

Lucima retaliated that there is need for a diversity hiring policy which will force all workplaces to avoid segregation of any kind while offering jobs.

President Yoweri Museveni has urged mining investors in Uganda to prioritize value addition to minerals in order to build a strong base for the economy of the country.


The President made the remarks at the 3rd Conference on Mineral Wealth held at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday.

“You should always bear adding value to minerals in mind so that we get more jobs as well as build technical capacity and a strong base for the economy, approved ” Museveni urged.

The President, price who gave a detailed account of the mineral sector in Uganda, more about assured investors that government will ensure that all the necessary requirements for adding value to the minerals are made available.

Museveni was also told by one of the participants  that a Nigerian company is ready to build a gas pipeline from Kanungu to Hoima describing the venture as a God-send help, as the gas will substitute the imported coal required for processing steel from plenty of raw iron ore deposits available in the region.

The Ugandan Head of State told the participants  that government in 2004 injected US$24.7 million for the air-borne geological survey and mapping of minerals in Uganda and more minerals were discovered including the 200 million tons of iron ore.

“A lot of strong steel is today needed in the country to satisfy the demand for the construction of hydro electricity dams cheaply, the construction of standard gauge railway lines as well as skyscraper buildings, ”the President noted.

He added that other potential mineral targets have been identified and only need investigation through drilling.

He clarified that Uganda, being a land locked country, needs a strong railway line for the transportation to the markets of not only mineral products but also other goods nationally, regionally and internationally.

Mr. Museveni assured investors that  government has put in place a very ambitious program for electricity generation that will provide cheap hydro power for the benefit of manufactures in the country. He said this will not only lower costs of doing business but will also attract more investors to the country and boost trade.

“Government has implemented many interventions including good roads, railway lines and cheap electricity among others in order to create a conducive investment environment in the country plus other interventions like the legal stability in terms of tenure of mineral rights, and importation of exploration equipment at zero tax.”

He, however, declared that no iron ore will be exported from Uganda even if the deposits take 400 years to exploit as they will serve for future regenerations as well as the regional markets.

The Chairman of the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Dr. Elly Karuhanga, commended the  President  for supporting them

The 2-day conference has attracted members of the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum and delegations from several African countries as well as Europe

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