Principal Judge Orders Chief Registrar to act on Mabirizi’s Complaints on Bail

The Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwiine has ordered the Chief Registrar Esther Nambayo to look into matters in which lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi accuses Buganda Road Magistrates court of putting in place administrative arrangements to defeat bail yet the discretion for bail must be handled independently.

This was passed in his letter dated 6th September 2019 addressed to the chief Registrar

“Please receive the enclosed letter from one Mr Male Hassan Mabirizi dated 26th August 2019 regarding alleged malpractice at Buganda Road Court and handle as you deem appropriate” reads part of the letter.

In his earlier letter Mabirizi informed the Principal Judge that the Magistrates sitting at Buganda road held a meeting from which they agreed on administrative guidelines they have to follow before granting people bail

These guidelines Mabirizi alleges, are aimed at interfering with Ugandans’ constitutional right to bail

Among these was only to accept National Identity cards as the only identification documents which sureties must present in court while ignoring other important IDs like Driving permits, Passports and Employment IDs

The Magistrates also agreed to retain original copies of national identity cards presented by sureties.



They also agreed not to issue any production warrant before the set bail date.

“My Lord the implementation of the above resolutions, which going on is an outright abuse of authority intended to deny the accused persons bail” part of Mabirizi’s letter


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