Primary Pupils to showcase Environment Friendly innovations

Kampala is one of the unsafest environments for humans and other animals which highly characterized of air pollution from manufacturing industries and factories among others.

‘Kavera’ (Polythene bags), plastics among others are some of the major pollutants of environment which is why an organization known as World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has for the past 14 years been at the forefront of putting all this to an end so that every Ugandan gets to live in a safe and clean environment.

Through their numerous projects, the organization has been able to register most of the achievements in mostly the rural areas with a lot of partnerships with the government including the Water and Environment ministry among others.

The latest we have is that WWF has organized a kid’s competition happening Friday 28 at Kisaasi Church of Uganda so as to showcase some their innovations which revolve around environmental Eco-friendly practices.

Speaking  at their offices in Kololo, David Duli,WWF Country Director Uganda told journalists that it’s not just about competition but creativity from the school going pupils that they want to show to the public .

“We decided to involve these young kids in this particular project because they grown up people will actually get moved seeing what they see about environment degradation and pollution and how best it can be solved.

It’s not just about competitions and these kids winning prices, but its more about creativity that they will be putting out to the public out there that its actually possible to live in a safe environment, one free of kavera, harmful plastics materials and other pollutants.”

We are reliably informed that the winners will walk away with lots of prices from different sponsors and organizers of the event on top of scooping recognition as the good -will safe and clean environment ambassadors.


The competition will target school going pupils from slum and disadvantaged areas some of which include Kisaasi Primary School, Kawempe Mbogo primary school and Bwaise parents among others.

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