Pressure Mounts on Sudan’s Bashir as Professionals Call for Fresh Protests on Monday

President Omar Al Bashir’s ability to maintain hold on power continues to be tested with professionals calling for another wave of protests on Monday, December 31, Chimp Corps report.

The call comes almost a week after professionals including doctors held successful rallies on Christmas Day across the country and urged Bashir to step down.

Protesters calling for an end to President al-Bashir’s 27-year rule said in 2018, some goods have more than doubled in cost, while inflation has risen to nearly 70 per cent amid sharp falls in the value of the Sudanese pound.

Urging protesters to remain “peaceful”, the association of professionals said their “goal of overthrowing the regime and arranging for a democratic transition that guarantees freedom and rights” would soon be realized.

“We call upon all Sudanese to make this day of independence and New Year’s Day a pure day and night of demonstration and protest until the New Year’s Day, in the three cities of Khartoum and across Sudan,” read the statement in part.

On his part, President Bashir has since urged his citizens to reject what he described as “attempts to plant frustration,” emphasising the state would “continue to carry out economic reforms to ensure decent living of the citizens.”

At least 19 demonstrators have been killed in the past nine days.

Government blames the violence on infiltrators and saboteurs supported by enemy countries including Israel.


The Sudanese military said in a brief statement that it “stands behind its leadership” and pledged to protect the country’s security and independence.

Government on Saturday said security forces clashed with militants of the Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdel Wahid in al-Droushab suburb, a claim the organisation’s leader dismissed as diversionary.

Bashir took power in a 1989 coup, ousting democratically-elected Sadeq al-Mahdi, who is now Sudan’s opposition leader.

Bashir is accused of crushing dissent and committing crimes against humanity.

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