Presidential Nominations: Day One Ended With Minor Incidents – Police

Kampala Metropolitan Police has Monday evening revealed that day one of the presidential nominations has ended successfully with no major chaotic incidents that would threaten security.
“The presidential aspirants, who were nominated today, followed the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) guidelines. The nominations, in terms of security were generally peaceful,” said Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango in a statement.
President Museveni arriving for nomination earlier today.
According to Onyango, there were minor incidents registered around Kisekka Market, where people, who were putting on yellow T-shirts, were attacked by groups armed with stones.
He said the attacking group was also dressed in yellow T-shirts and it seemed not be NRM supporters, but just dressed in yellow T-shirts.
“They also attempted to move in a procession but they were dispersed by security personnel,” he said.
The ANT ‘squad’ at the nomination grounds on Monday morning.
Two suspects who were reportedly attacking the group with stones have been arrested and detained at CPS Kampala on charges of inciting violence.
Meanwhile, at Nakawa, purported supporters of Retired General Henry Tumukunde blocked the road, after the candidate came out of his vehicle in an attempt to address them.
Police used teargas to disperse them and Gen. Tumukunde was able to proceed for nomination.
Mag. Tumukunde at the nomination grounds.
Also Presidential aspirant John Katumba, when he reached Nakawa, he claimed that his car tyre had got a puncture and he wanted to walk to the nomination centre but Police organised for him another vehicle and he was delivered to the centre safely.
Presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe with her team.
Onyango urged presidential aspirants, who are supposed to be nominated tomorrow Tuesday, to follow the same guidelines set by the Independent Electoral commission.
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