Presidential Nominations: Businesses Closed Along Jinja Road as Jam Bites

Business is on a standstill along Jinja Road especially between Bweyogerere and Nakawa ahead of today’s presidential nominations exercise in Kyambogo.

Several shops, workshops, showrooms and car bonds have have been closed to pave way for a smooth nomination process.

Traffic along this road has also been cut off from Bweyogere trading centre. No motorist is allowed beyond Jokas hotel.

Motorists have been diverted to Mbuya- Kinawataka and Bugolobi areas where jam remains tight.

Only Police and security patrol vehicles are allowed on the road including pedestrians.

People resorted to walk-to-work as cars and Bodas are not allowed along Jinja road

The northern by-pass remains congested as hundreds of motorists try use various routes to their workplaces.

Naalya round-about is still clogged with static cars.

Residents of Banda, Kireka and Kyambogo areas have opted to walk to town since there are no means of transport.

The nomination exercise will be held at the cricket grounds, Kyambogo, a Kampala suburb.

So far, 10 Presidential Aspirants, including the incumbent Yoweri Museveni, are expected to participate in the nomination exercise.

Traffic jam remains tight along the Northern by-pass and Naalya junction

Earlier on Sunday, police boss Okoth Ochola said security forces consider the nominations a potential target for threats and other vulnerabilities that could significantly affect the entire exercise.

He said include acts of civil disobedience such as sabotage, street violence strikes and demonstrations, defiance campaigns, provoking security forces into violent confrontations, intimidation and minor criminal activity such as; simple robbery, looting, vandalism and pick pocketing.

“Other crimes of extra ordinary nature include, terrorism and cybercrime,” said Ochola.

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