Presidential Candidate Katumba Bemoans MP, Others Portraying Him as a Comedian

The youngest presidential candidate in Uganda’s history, John Katumba has alleged that a certain Member of Parliament whom he did not mention is endeavoring to tarnish his (Katumba) image by portraying him as a comedian.

Since presidential nominations, Katumba has made rounds on both social and mainstream media for handling issues in a way that many have termed as strange and funny.

Katumba first made headlines on November 2, 2020 when he took with him the 20 million presidential nomination fee to the nomination venue to pay cash to the Electoral Commission after he failed to acquire a Tax Identification Number (TIN) that would enable him pay the money to the bank.

Among other humorous acts done by Katumba is when he ran on foot to be nominated after his car developed a flat tyre.

After the developments caught the public eye, Katumba has today said that a certain group of people including a Member of Parliament are working hard to spoil his image by portraying him as a comedian.

Katumba, who was appearing on NTV’s morning program dubbed “Mwasuze Mutya” on Monday, said that someone doing comedy cannot traverse the country to solicit 9,800 signatures of registered voters and pay 20 million shillings to be nominated for presidency.

“There is a certain group that hires some people to portray me as someone who is not serious. Surprisingly, one of them is an MP. A whole MP has injected money. They create an environment to the public to show that Katumba is doing comedy. Someone cannot solicit signatures, pay 20 million shillings (for nomination), move from Kampala to Gulu to Yumbe, Arua, Nebbi, Kotido, Pader and he is a comedian,” he said.

Katumba also said many fake social media accounts have been opened in his name to further soil his name.


“Ugandans, help me disregard all the fake social media accounts registered in my name,” he cried out.

Asked whether he has any social media account, Katumba said he at first developed his own Application dubbed “Rexa” with the intension of not supporting Applications developed by foreigners but later realized that many Ugandans were not subscribing to it.

He said he decided to open up a Twitter account but realized that all his names had already been used to open up fake accounts purportedly owned by him.

“I said, should I make it Katumba official, it was already there. I finally named it @realkatumba. All my social media pages are registered as ‘real Katumba’,” he said.

Katumba, however, reiterated his recent statements that he is bankrupt and therefore cannot afford a decent meal for himself and his bodyguards. He echoed his previous comments that he can only afford “kikomando.”

Kikomando is a mixture of chapati and beans which is mostly consumed by low income earners.

“That is what we have (kikomando). They (bodyguards) don’t stay hungry. My bodyguards and I will not go to eat at Cafe Javas when I have only 10,000 in my wallet. Secondly, I cannot eat and they stay hungry yet 10,000 shillings can buy kikomando for 5 people. Remember, we are spending, and not earning,” he said.


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