Presidential Campaigns: Mao Woos Rwampara, Calls for Peaceful Transfer of Power

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Norbert Mao spent his Tuesday in the western Uganda districts of Rwampara, Ntungamo, Sheema and Buhweju canvassing for votes for Uganda’s top job.

While campaigning in Rwampara, Mao promised to deliver what he termed as a “new Uganda.”

“I am not new in politics. I am contesting because I want to build you a bridge that will take you to a new Uganda. I have the capacity and I understand Uganda’s issues better. I am a patriot,” he said.

Mao, whose mother hails from Isingiro district in the western part of Uganda, said he feels very much touched whenever he is addressing the challenges faced by the westerners although his ancestral home is in the northern Uganda’s district of Gulu.

Meanwhile, Mao advocated for peaceful transfer of power “that will end the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni’s 35 year rule.”

He said that delivery of services such as hospitals, schools, roads among others which are always manifesto priorities for many political contenders, are not a priority in this election. The main priority in this election, he said, is change of Government.

“I have come here to tell you that in every corner of this country, people are asking why the issues of roads, water, electricity, hospitals and schools are prioritized. Yes, they are significant but they are not priorities at this time. The main priority at this time is change of Government,” he said.

Mao alleged that currently, Uganda has a political system that “robs and oppresses Ugandans.”


He called on the people of Rwampara to peacefully vote Museveni out of power in order to avoid previous anarchic situations characterized by violent change of Government and bloodshed.

“You should know that in the history of Uganda, whenever we have violent transition, the region where the President hails, suffers. That is history. When Idi Amin was forced out of power, West Nile suffered. When Obote and Okello (Tito Okello) were forcefully overthrown, northern Uganda suffered. Tell Museveni that western Uganda does not want to suffer,” said Mao.

“You will remember my words when the situation gets out hand. I have not come to threaten you, I have just come to warn you. And the one who warns you is your friend, not your enemy,” he added.


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