Presidential Age Limit Removal Kicks Off Tomorrow In Parliament

Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa has revealed that a private member, Hon Rafael Magezi will tomorrow Thursday seek official leave from parliament, to  go and start working on the bill which is aimed at amending Article 102 (b) of the constitution to discard the Presidential Age Limit.

Hon Magezi, according to the whip, will present a motion tomorrow along with draft amendment bill, and if permitted, will be given 45 days to start working on the Bill.

“As we speak, there is no bill,” Hon Nankabirwa told press at the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday, following a National Resistance Movement Caucus which sat at Parliament.

The caucus meeting according to Nankabirwa emphasized following the right procedure, throughout the process.

The caucus voted overwhelming in support of Hon Magezi to introduce the Bill as a Private Member, after government (cabinet) delayed to do the same.

The NRM MPs also voted overwhelmingly against putting the matter before a Constitutional Review Commission, as some party members had suggested.


In November, Hon Magezi is expected to officially table the Amendment Bill before parliament, after which the speaker will refer it to the Committee of Legal Affairs.

The committee will then commence dissecting the bill, which process according to Nankabirwa will  involve consultations (by committee members)with the public and different groups, as well as the rest of the MPs with their constituents.

“Even Members of Parliament can seek to appear before the committee to give their views on the matter,” she said.

The Legal affairs committee, will then present a report on the floor of parliament, which will be extensively discussed by the MPs.

The House will then formulate itself into a committee in which members will debate and vote on every single article of the bill.

Finally the bill will be read for the third time and will be voted upon.


During today’s NRM’s caucus meeting according to Nankabirwa, members expressed the urge to move the amendment bill fast so as not to be caught up by the recommendations of the recent Supreme Court in the  Presidential Election Petition ruling.

The NRM MPs also voted on the proposal  to have the amendment handled by a Constitutional Review Commission, and only four out of 296 members supported it.

The MPs on the other hand voted overwhelmingly in support of a Private Member (Magezi) handling the bill and only seven people opposed this. Two members according to Nankabirwa abstained from this vote.


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