President Museveni honours She Cranes

NRM controversial National Resistance Youth leadership faction has rekindled their clash against the NRM government under the stewardship of President Yoweri Museveni.

Mr Adam Luzindana, viagra order the ruling party’s youth Chairman for the Buganda region, revealed in a statement yesterday, about his group’s resolve to maintain pressure against president Museveni until he is ejected from State House

The 33 year old NRM youth leader and head of a pressure group NRM Poor Youth Forum, informed in the statement that he was “ready to die” in the struggle against President Museveni.

Luzindana, who together with his Northern Region counterpart Willy Omodo Omodo, have been well know agitators of former Premier Amama Mbabazi’s 2016 general elections bid, until recently when they appeared to switch allegiance.

Earlier last year, the youth leaders launched an all-out confrontation against the NRM caucus resolution to front President Yoweri Museveni unopposed for the 2016 general elections.

They also opposed the party’s recent constitutional amendments at Namboole that saw their man Mbabazi kicked out as party Secretary General.

At the height of the fallout between him and Mbabazi, President Museveni met the youth leaders at State house in Entebbe where they reportedly renewed their allegiance to the President.

State house revealed moments after the meeting that the youth leaders had pledged to “support resolutions from the NRM National Conference that was held in Namboole including the party’s constitutional amendments that provided for the appointment of the Secretary General and deputy Secretary General, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer etc.”


“They said they were misled by a group of Ugandans who are ideologically disoriented but after the Namboole meeting, they decided to work with President Museveni and abide by their party’s decisions,” the statement further read.

However, the Buganda NRM Youth chairman Luzindana yesterday re-launched a derisive assault on President Yoweri Museveni who he said youths and all Ugandans must not keep begging.

“The poor youth of Uganda need a change which will lead to sustainable peace and development of Uganda. Why do we continue to beg president Museveni yet we can defeat him and take charge in the governance of our country? We need to liberate our country from the 28 years dictatorial rule,” charged Luzindana.

“Some of us will die in the course of this struggle… Museveni can use his money but we have the will of the common people of Uganda who have been subjected to poverty, poor health services and to leaders who don’t listen to the plight of the common people.

Mr Luzindana also revealed that his group the NRM Youth Forum was embarking on registration of “all poor youths in Uganda”

“We are registering the jobless youth, graduates with no jobs, youths living in slums, towns and rural areas, etc.  The NRM Poor Youth Forum will never relent untill we defeat president m7 who has been at the helm of leadership since 1986.”

He added, “We must defeat president Museveni. We shall reach out to the marginalised young people of Uganda and it’s time now for the common people of Uganda to rise again Mr Museveni regime.”



President Museveni has paid tribute to the national netball team-She Cranes-for qualifying to the World Cup recognising them as national heroes during celebrations to mark the 29th NRM Liberation Day celebrations being held in Soroti town today.

The She Cranes registered the feat after winning the Africa Nations Championship in Gabarne, cure Botswana last year. This is the second time after 35 years for Uganda to return to the world stage.

The team of 21 players and eight officials from Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) were decorated by President Yoweri Museveni on Monday afternoon.

Following the presidential seal of approval of success, malady the She Cranes could be destined for more honours after also winning the Six-Nations Cup in Singapore in December in 2013.

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