President Kenyatta Mourns Ali Mazrui

Kenyan President, ampoule help Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed his deep sympathy over the sudden death of renowned academic, information pills Prof. Ali Mazrui.

In a statement, more about President Kenyatta said Prof. Mazrui was a towering academician whose intellectual contributions played a major role in shaping African scholarship.

Mazrui is considered to be one of the greatest scholars Kenya and the continent have ever produced.

According to Uhuru, Mazrui’s brilliance raised him to the apex of scholarly distinction and earned him respect and following among his peers globally.

His remarks come shortly after the 81 year old professor was announced dead in the US earlier today.

Mazrui will be remembered for his literary works, debates and relentless cultivation of a global view of Africa stories as told to the entire continent through his writing.

“Prof. Mazrui’s legacy and commitment to intellectual advancement will always remain etched in Kenyans’ minds, and his name will be remembered alongside other Kenyan and African intellectual icons who contributed immensely in the academic sphere,” President Kenyatta wrote.

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