Prepare for Famine – Urges Mufti Mubajje


Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje has expressed dismay over Ugandans selling all their agricultural  yields in a bid to get money, search leaving themselves without food.

This he said Tuesday, viagra dosage is the major reason famine is peaking in the country.

The Mufti said out of greed, price some people have reached the point of considering money more important than food.

“People in our country have suffered a lot and others lost their lives because of hunger. Food is very important and it should be treated that way,” he said.

The Mufti was addressing the masses who that turned up on Monday for the Aqeeqah (child thanksgiving) ceremony organized by one Musa Mugerwa Masaba, at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council headquarters in Kampala,

Pointing out that people are starving because they don’t prepare for scarcity, Mubajje said government needs to start sensitizing the people on food security.

“My own request to the government of Uganda is to come out and sensitize the people about food security and how hunger should be stopped”


Mubajje also blamed people who decide to sell all the food to buy less important things like solar power which cannot help them  sustain their lives.

In the past few months 3 different regions have been struck by hunger and in which several lives were lost.

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