Pre-Teen Murder Case: Indian Businessmen Flee Lira Amid Riots

There have been reports of several business people of Indian nationality fleeing the northern district of Lira, heading to Kampala amid growing tension from residents.

Protests broke out this week following the brutal murder of an 11 year old primary school boy who was allegedly beaten to death by two Indians on his way from school last week in Kole district.

Both suspects one Manav and Madmay Fanava are being questioned in police custody.

Yesterday protests broke out in Lira town, forcing several Indians to close their shops and run.

The protests were led mainly by street children who threw stones at the shops and businesses of Indians.

The riots started Monday around 7:00pm.

Lira DPC Joel Tubanone pleads with the protesters not to riot again

Police led by Lira District Police Commandant Joel Tubanone reacted by arresting and detaining dozens of the youngsters who participated in the riots.

There were however reports that the Indians closed their businesses to attend an emergency meeting of the Indian community in Kampala.


Yesterday in an attempt to quell resumption of the protests, DPC Tubanone called a meeting with street children to dissuade them from further aggression against Indian nationals. The meeting took place at Lira Town College Play grounds in Lira Town.

The children hurled insults at the DPC in their local Lango language and accused the police of corruption.

They said the police in Lango had been bribed by the Indians and that the force was planning to release the suspects currently being held at Kole Central Police station some 25 km South West of Lira town.

The children who said they were revenging for a fellow minor’ life which was taken in cold blood the Indians, demanded for the immediate release of their arrested colleagues and Shs. 40million as their share of the bribe they claim police took from the suspects.

Some of the protesters later called on Unity FM- a local radio station claiming that the DPC handed them Shs 700,000.

DPC Tubanone however denied knowledge of the said monies.

Dick Okello, an 11-year-old pupil of Alito Primary school was last Friday found dead by the road side near the country home of the Dokolo MP Hon. Cecilia Ogwal.

The two Indian Nationals (Franav and Madav) in Police custody

The deceased’s elder brother, Denis Ogwang said Indians Manav and Fanav who were driving a double cabin pickup truck, braked near them, offered them sweets, biscuits and 2,000= but when they declined the offers, one of them disembarked the vehicle and started chasing them.

Ogwang said his brother Okello tripped over a fence wire and fell and that the suspects grabbed him; threw him on the ground and strangled him.

The boy died in hospital shortly afterwards.

The case has been registered at Kole Central police station vide CRB 381/2018.

A postmortem was carried out on the body by a Lira based Dr. Francis Olwa but his findings generated more controversies than solutions, forcing the deceased’s clan to seek the services of the Police pathologist in Kampala. The body is due for burial on Thursday.

The chairman of the Indian community of Lango, Surjit Singh said if the Indians have indeed committed the offense, they should face the law.

He urged his members to be law abiding.

The incident has pitted the host community of Lango against the Indians as there has been a series of allegations of violent acts on the locals by Indian nationals.


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