Prayers For Violent-Free 2015

As has become the norm, tens of thousands of Ugandans gathered for prayers at various arenas and stadia, to welcome the New Year 2015.

In Kampala,  the major praying events were at Nakivubo stadium, Kololo Independence grounds, Mandela National Stadium and in Bukalango.

At Kololo, American-based Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church in Bwaise crossed more than 20,000 believers into the New Year.

The event proceeded through the wee hours amidst tight security, by Uganda Police and the UPDF which currently inhabits the grounds.

Pastor Senyonga held prayers for peace and stability in the New Year, and asked God to protect Ugandans in the year that is packed with so much political activity.

He however skipped his usual practice of holding special prayers for President Yoweri Museveni, which is normally done by pastors and leaders laying hands on the president’s portrait.

Pastors Senyonga and Uche from Nigeria
Pastors Senyonga and Uche from Nigeria

“We know that the coming year is going is a busy one and somehow volatile, preceding the 2016 general elections. It is a year of campaigns, and a lot of politicking and we know that that often comes with challenges,” stated Senyonga.

“We want to pray and believe that God will see us through 2015, without chaos or economic hardships. It will be a year of peace, stability and development.”

Pastor Uche entertaining the crowd
Pastor Uche entertaining the crowd

In the wake of the previous [2011] general elections, the country was engulfed in one its most serious political and economic crises, breeding the infamous walk to work protest and a devastating inflation.

Preparing the 'seed' for the new year
Preparing the ‘seed’ for the new year

Pastor Senyonga called the believers to brace to 2015, a year of surprises and miracles.

There was also thrilling a performance from Nigeria Gospel artist, Pastor Uche, who together with his band, took the crowd throw exhilarating praise and worship songs in both English and Luganda.

Hear us, oh Lord!
Hear us, oh Lord!


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