PPPs Key in Achieving Malaria Free World, Minister Aceng

Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Aceng Ruth has said Public-Private Partnership is key in achieving malaria-free world

“In the private sector, drug stores, which constitute a large proportion of Uganda’s private sector have been found to be one of the first points of care with an estimated 50% of all anti-malarials distributed through these outlets. A deliberate and integrated approach to tackling the private sector is therefore necessary for success” Dr Aceng highlighted.

The minister added that PPPs are needed to better leverage the opportunity of the private sector and help stakeholders to be stewards of the private sector. “

That is the route to the malaria-free world we all desire and work for” she said.

Dr. Aceng was delivering a key note address at the Forum on Rising to the challenge of Malaria Eradication in Geneva, Switzerland.

The minister who spoke on behalf of all Malaria endemic countries added that Uganda took four strategic actions along the four response elements of the High Burden High Impact Approach launched on the 18th of November 2018 by the WHO Director General.

The Four areas included; enhanced Political will to reduce malaria deaths, enhanced use of strategic information to drive impacts, better guidance, policies and strategies and enhanced coordination of the national Malaria r

At the meeting, the World Health Organization (WHO), Director General Dr Tedros Gebreyesus; key donors – bilateral and multilateral, Heads and representatives of partner agencies and representatives of Academia, Research agencies among others also gave their inputs.


According to the Ministry of health, malaria is endemic in approximately 95% of the country, affecting over 90% of the population of 3 million.

Clinically diagnosed malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality, accounting for 30-50% of outpatient visits at health facilities, 15-20% of all hospital admissions, and up to 20% of all hospital deaths. 27.2% of inpatient deaths among children under five years of age are due to malaria.

A significant percentage of deaths occur at home and are not reported by the facility-based Health Management Information System (HMIS).

According to the World Health Organization[WHO]2017, 87 countries and areas had ongoing malaria.

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