PPDA Boss Empties Sewage after KCCA Action

The Executive Director of Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Asset, Benson Turyame emptied 300,000 liters of sewage waste on Sunday a day after Kampala Capital City Authority raided his rentals in Kyanja.

KCCA Sewage and Drains officer, Sirajj Nduga on Saturday stormed Turyame’s flats with police and arrested the suites manager, Jimmy Mwogezi for disposing sewage on the plot of Health Minister, Ruth Aceng.

On Sunday morning a 100,000 liter cesspool truck was deployed at the suites to remove the waste which was earlier ending on the plot of Aceng according to KCCA.

The truck made three trips draining the sewage, a move expected to tilt KCCA earlier tough position. Mr. Mwogezi was charged and is expected to appear at KCCA today, Monday.

KCCA also confiscated the mortar that was being used by Mwogezi to dispose waste on the property of Health Minister.

The KCCA sewage and drain boss stated on Saturday that the actions of Mwogezi, which has been going on unabated for 5 years since 2014, had become a serious health risk to the neighboring community and the authority is going to take action on him.

“Improper disposal of sewage is not only against our regulations but also pose grave health risks like the recent cholera problem,” said Sirajj.

He explained that the single soak pit at Turamye’s flat is very small and insufficient to serve the 3 blocks with 21 units.


Turyame however maintained to KCCA officials that he has been disposing sewage waste from the flats in a safe place.

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