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Power Transfer: Police Grapples with Kayihura ‘Remarks’

FDC Presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has caused a stir in Masaka district as he moves to create significant inroads in Buganda region.

The FDC ironman started off his campaign trail from Kawoko before travelling to Buyonga and Bukomansimbi where he addressed mini-rallies.

In a huge convoy, approved Besigye rolled to Bukomansimbi and then Nyendo before concluding with a rally at Mayor’s Gardens that pulled thousands of people.

Besigye said he remained indebted to the people of Masaka, having promised them in 2006 that they would get the honour of seeing President Museveni driving to Rwakitura after being defeated in elections.

“The people of Masaka you will have a golden opportunity to see off Museveni after a resounding defeat,” Besigye promised then.

People listening attentively to Dr Besigye
People listening attentively to Dr Besigye

However, he has consistently lost to NRM ruling party chairman in three contested elections.

“Today I want to assure you that promise will be fulfilled in the not-too-distant future,” said Besigye.

“Now is the time to prepare for that moment,” added Besigye as crowds cheered him on.


He said defeating a strongman is as hard as uprooting a huge tree.

“Since, 2006, we have been on the frontline. We have been fighting. This time he is going,” charged the Rukungiri-born politician.

He further promised to boost the quality of health and education services in the country.

Thousands listened to Besigye at Mayor's Gardens
Thousands listened to Besigye at Mayor’s Gardens
The police force has for the second time cleared the air over alleged remarks by their boss Gen Kale Kayihura in reference to crime preventers.

The Observer newspaper on Monday quoted Gen Kayihura while speaking at a pass-out in Sebei region that he would arm crime preventers with rifles other than the sticks they currently move with.

He was also quoted as saying once defeated in the 2016 elections, seek he ruling government would not hand over power.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Thursday afternoon, more about the Assistant IGP in charge of Interpol and communication for the joint task force comprising the police, army and prisons said the police boss had been misquoted by the press.

“He was only telling them (crime preventers) what they ought to do in case the worse comes to worst that they could be given guns if the country is faced with an external attack but not as quoted by the media,” Kasingye said.

“Why would the media then go ahead to implode words not said by the IGP yet he was only saying they would be called in as a reserve force for the army if the country gets an external enemy? Nowhere did he say crime preventers were to be armed.”

The Assistant Inspector General of Police quoted the police act which gives power to police to act as the reserve force for the army in case of any external aggression adding that with time the crime preventers would be incorporated into the police force.

Kasingye further refuted claims that Gen Kayihura had said government   could not hand over power to the opposition.

“I called him and asked to meet him in his office to clear air about the said remarks and he said all that was not said by him. We challenge them (media) to present a recording of the IGP making the said remarks,” he fumed.

On the police force having more than 11 million crime preventers countrywide, Kasingye said he personally feels this number is still small adding that if all Ugandans were recruited, the level of crime would drop to zero.

“As modest people they have a duty to apologize for what they wrote but they are also at liberty not to do it,” Kasingye advised.

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