Power Struggle Rocks MultiChoice Uganda

MultiChoice Uganda has been rocked by a major internal power struggle that could threaten the public image of the digital communications network provider. According to an anonymous email sent to all MultiChoice staff making rounds, there is an alleged nepotism driven power struggle between employees from the western region  and those from others regions.

The email states that one faction of westerners is led Patricia Kiconco, the Operations Manager and includes a one Eunice, Edward Nsubuga and Albert among others while the other faction is supposedly led by Charles Hamya, the General Manager together with DStv Marketing Manager Phoebe Nakabazi. The latter is accused of messing up the DStv brand with her belief that she is ‘untouchable’. Apparently, Patricia was formerly working as General Manager GOtv before she was demoted to her current position by Charles Hamya and replaced with a one Bogera.

As a result of this rope pulling, staff at the pay-tv company is disengaged as the email further alleges that 80% of the new recruits are from the western part of the country. The sender goes on to reveal that staff members caught at the center of this leadership war are worried about their future at the company.

“I believe we have all seen the message making rounds on social media. Everyone outside MultiChoice clearly knows there are two factions fighting for leadership supremacy. One faction led by the westerners Patricia (indeed head of ops), Eunice, Edward Nsubuga and Albert on opposition side, and another faction led by incumbent, Charles Hamya, phoebe and others. You people are the reason staff are disengaged! With this wars going on, how do you expect staff to work without worries of what the future holds? Without doubt, the DStv brand has been messed up by phoebe thinking she was untouchable. But also the other Patricia faction is full of snakes! Look at most of the new recruits, 80% are from the west region. Look at the people who survived termination, most of them are connected to these names in faction one” reads part of the email.


Phoebe Nakabazi (L) with Charles Hamya (R) at a DStv promotion event

The sender, who is believed to be an employee at MultiChoice, promises to divulge more information exposing ‘ringleader’ Patricia for ruining someone’s marriage. “A lot of nepotism, favoritism and backbiting by these guys. (I will reveal names in another email and also expose ringleader Patricia who has also been involved in a marriage scandal with her current lover. She like phoebe messed up someone else’s marriage)”.

The email also hits at Bogera stating that, he has been ‘brainwashed’ by one of the factions into carrying out drastic actions like firing the former DStv manager and micromanaging staff regardless of jurisdiction.

However, MultiChoice maintains that all is well and that it does not entertain such anonymous emails. “MultiChoice doesn’t entertain anonymous or gossipier emails. We have channels with the workplace where staff are encouraged to air their grievances which we encourage them to use” says MultiChoice Uganda publicist Tina Wamala when contacted this morning.


The sender concludes by calling for dissolution of the current management as they (staff) have no idea on who to trust in this alleged power struggle. This comes just days after the company was hit with a sex scandal involving the General Manager and Marketing Manager.

Last week Charles Hamya was accused by his wife Crusid Matovu of having a long-standing affair with female colleague Phoebe. Crusid exposed the sordid details of the affair in an email addressed to MultiChoice staff on Thursday. Crusid said her email intends to “bring to light the unethical actions of two of your employees who also happen to be in leadership positions within the company.” She revealed that she met Hamya in 201I “and we were in a public relationship until May 2016 when we decided to get married.” However, Hamya and Nakabazzi would later start an affair, according to Crusid. In the email which has shocked DStv staff, Crusid cried: “After multiple attempts to resolve this matter privately, this affair has continued against our marital vows.”

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