Pope Francis Writes to Museveni

His Holiness Pope Francis has written to President Yoweri Museveni sending out blessing to him and to all the people of Uganda.

Pope France is today concluding his Africa tour with a visit to the island nation of Mauritius.

Last week, the Pontiff also visited Madagascar and Mozambique, which earlier in March this year was hit by the devastating Cyclone Adai, which claimed over 1300 lives.

“As I overfly Uganda on my way to Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius, I send greetings to your excellence and your citizens, the assurance of peace and harmony,” wrote the Pope to President Museveni.

“I invoke blessings upon you all.”

President Museveni was pleased by the message tweeting, “I have received a message from his Holiness Pope Francis. Thank you. @Pontifex for your prayers, wonderful wishes and blessings upon Uganda and its people. May the lord accompany you and manifest himself through your works.”

Pope Francis was expected back in Uganda for the golden jubilee celebration of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM); an assembly of African bishops.

His Holiness, however elected not to attend the event in July, and only sent a message to the bishops through his Nuncio Archbishop Luigi Bianco.


Pope Francis, visited Uganda in November 2015, which was the third papal visit to the country.

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