Politics Has Killed Uganda’s Health Sector, Says Nabagereka

The Nabagereka, Sylvia Nagginda, has said politics has destroyed Uganda’s health sector.

Speaking at the funeral service for her father John Luswata Ssebugwawo at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala on Monday, the Nabagereka said whereas many Ugandan doctors are highly qualified, the lack of necessary support from government, especially in regard to funding, has seen most of them leave the country for better working conditions abroad.

“The health sector touches everyone in society. I had a conversation with the Director of Mulago hospital at the time dad was admitted there and he pointed out issues related to underfunding. This is a danger to society,” she said.

“We have qualified people, doctors and many of whom want to stay in Uganda. They can do incredible work but they need support. Let us see how to separate politics from the health sector,” Ms Nagginda added.

Ssebugwawo succumbed to heart and kidney complications last week but the family said they did not get much help from the government hospital and preferred Nakasero hospital, a private facility.

The Nabagereka praised his father’s courage, perseverance and love for his family.

“Dad loved his children and I specifically remember his usual jovial mood. He focused much on his family and exhibited respect for us all and our mother. He was a good example as a family head,” Nagginda said.

“I saw him cry for the second time in my life. When we visited the Intensive Care Unit, he opened his eyes but could not talk; instead we saw tears flow. This was the second time I saw his tears, the first time being when 37 years ago he escorted me to Entebbe as I left for the United States.”


Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga said: “Death is a must and a principal of nature to all living things. But Buganda should be consoled by the great gift of our Mother; Nabagereka (Nagginda) the late Luswata leaves behind.”

“The 1966 crisis left Buganda bereaved and for the preceding years after the crisis there was a split in the royal family. Mr. Luswata gave us a mother who is innovative, determined and is the consolation we have at this point,” Mayiga said.

He implored Ugandans to emulate the nature of family upbringing Luswata exhibited.

“The Kabaka wouldn’t have married Nagginda if there was reckless upbringing, it’s our role to develop the children in the acceptable manner,” Mayiga said.

Bishop of Namirembe Diocese said that testimonies of love from the family on their father tell he left the children prepared.

“Death is horror to many but a believer should not be moved. As we send off our father let’s pray to God to get us back to the righteous track. Our victory is within Jesus Christ,” Luwalira said.

Ssebugwawo will be buried today at Nkumba. He has left behind seven children, including Nagginda, Nelson Kikubira Luswata, Babra Mbaliwowere Mutengu Luswata, Juliet Namagga Luswata Kinalwa, John Mulumba Luswata and Patrick Nsubuga.


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