Politicians Behind Boda Boda Demonstrations – Police

The Uganda Police Force has stated that some of the boda boda demonstrations that continue to be staged in different parts of Kampala and across the country are masterminded by politicians.

This was revealed on Monday during a joint security briefing at the Media Center in Kampala.

“We continue to register cases of politicians who are coming out to take advantage of the Covid-19 lockdown to incite violence,” said police.

According to Police, the latest politically motivated demo happened in Gulu town where Hon. Gilbert Olanya came out and made public announcements that it’s a government plan to punish the Acholi community by blocking public transport in Gulu.

The law enforcement foiled the demo and warned Olanya and other politicians against inciting people to gather in crowds.

Gulu has been pointed out as one of the hotspot areas where Ministry of Health has registered cases of covid-19.

Across the country, Police has also revealed that it is taking interest where some members of the public are taking advantage of the Covid-19 period to cause chaos and incite others into holding protests against the enforcement of the directives against the pandemic.

In Kampala, there has been discontent among boda boda operators especially in the Central Division and they have severally tried to protest over the continued lockdown and the restriction on the carrying of passengers.


Last week, they chained themselves in a group and they matched along with placards and also attempted to block the presidential motorcade.

Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that they managed to arrest the ring leaders such as Ssekitoleko Yasin, Bukenya Jamil, Kigozi Derrick, Ntuleme Fred, and Buyondo Deo- who are being processed.

Police says that in the past week, they engaged with many sectors that are still under lockdown including the boda boda sector.

“Various inspections were carried out by the Ministry of Trade and other stakeholders on a number of arcades downtown. Also, the Ministry of Works and Transport carried out meetings with our colleagues under the boda boda sector and these are very helpful in developing SOPs that will help in lifting the lockdown as we get to move forward,” said Enanga.

“So we want to encourage those who were operating their businesses in the arcades as well as those in the boda boda sector that at least there’s some hope at the end of the tunnel. They should continue being patient,” he added.


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