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Police: Why we Shot Dead Suspected Thugs at Nsambya Fuel Station

Police have revealed they had to quickly take  suspected robbers out of action to avoid “collateral damage” in case a gun battle ensued at Total fuel station in Nsambya, Kampala on Saturday night.

Detectives from the Flying Squad Unit, in an intelligence-led operation, shot at two suspected armed robbers, killing one instantly and wounding the other.

The fuel station where the incident occurred is owned by opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye.

According to Police Spokesperson Free Enanga, a third suspect, identified as David Okello, was arrested and is in police custody at Kabalagala Police station.

The body of the deceased, who has only been identified as Hamza, was transferred to the City Mortuary for postmortem analysis, while the injured suspect, identified as Rubanga Baruli, was rushed to Mulago Hospital, for further treatment.

Police said the armed robbers approached the petrol station from the side of Nsambya Hospital and disguised as customers at the pump.

However, before they could act, they were intercepted when one of them was heading to the supermarket.

“The detectives opened fire against them, after they evaded arrest and attempted to flee from the scene,” said Enanga.


From the scene of crime, detectives recovered an SAR Rifle and a Toyota Premio, Silver in color which were being used by the suspected robbers.

The law enforcement body said this specific operation was highly risky and required quick action due to the potential of severe injuries and collateral damage it could have caused.

On Sunday morning, an investigative task team from the Regional Kampala Metropolitan South, Headquarters was dispatched to the scene to thoroughly review and document more details to further establish the motive of the suspects.

“We would like to remind owners of all businesses to continue being extra vigilant and to always report all forms of threats facing them to the police and sister security agencies to help counter them,” said Enanga.

The Saturday incident, however, happened at a time when security agencies are grappling with  increased violent crimes especially in Kampala city.

Since last month, armed robbers have hit different parts of Kampala attacking various businesses and killing a number of people.

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