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Police: We Haven’t Received DPP Summons for DPC Baguma

The Uganda Police Force have broken silence on former Kampala Central Police Station DPC Aaron Baguma to whom the Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP) has issued summons to answer to murder charges.

Addressing journalists on Monday morning, side effects the Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye revealed that all along they have been reading the said criminal summons in the media and that they haven’t been served formally.

“We have not received the said criminal summons against Baguma who is our employee. We only read it in the media, page ” Namaye told journalists. “Not everyone reads the media. The police headquarters is a known place and even (Baguma’s) former workplace (CPS) was known to the DPP.”

The Director of Public Prosecutions slapped murder charges on Baguma together with car dealer Muhammad Ssebuwufu but claims the former has refused to appear in court despite criminal summons being issued by the High Court in Kampala against him.

The two are accused of masterminding the murder of Donah Katushabe, a businesswoman.

The police mouthpiece said the DPP has not made any efforts to ensure Baguma or the police force that employs him are issued with the criminal summons.

Namaye reiterated that once the summons is served to them, the police force would respond accordingly.



Meanwhile Namaye revealed further that Baguma is now preparing to go for a 4 month intermediate staff course at the Senior Staff and Commanders school in Bwebajja and that in case the summons comes, he can be found at the school.

“His training starts on 27th August and Bwebajja is just near .The DPP can take the criminal summons to Baguma. If he can issue it to the media, why not to the police or Baguma himself? ”

Namaye stressed that their officer cannot miss the training course because of the court whose summons he hasn’t yet received, adding that he will at any time be available if needed to appear.

“I talked to him the other day and he said he hasn’t received the summons. If they are presented to him, he can then sign if he receives them,” she added.

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