Police: We Deployed At Bujingo’s Church to Counter Wrong Groups

Uganda Police Force have spoken out on today’s heavy deployment at Pastor Aloysius Bujingo’s Church in Kikoni, Makerere, saying it was meant to secure the premises.

“Actually there was deployment to counter suspected groups planning to breach the peace and safety of worshippers this morning,” Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga told ChimpReports on Sunday.

“It was a proactive approach,” he added.

Trouble started earlier this week when Bujingo claimed he tolerated his estranged wife, Teddy for many years as she always bled in the private parts.

Enraged Ugandans took to social media to criticise his remarks and urged law enforcement bodies to take action.

Some activists said they would mobilize pads to driver to Bujingo’s church to express their dismay with his outrageous remarks.

But his supporters were not moved, saying Bujingo reserved the freedom to speak his mind and also make choices for his life.

Videos released by Bujingo showed men and women lining up to give him money as he blasted Teddy.

Enanga today said today’s deployment was also meant for the “safety of his followers.”

Asked if the police will presence at the church, Enanga observed: “The situation is normal now but closely monitored.”

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