Police Warns of “Shoot to Kill Operation” Against Land Grabbers

Police has Wednesday warned of an impending lethal operation against land grabbers whose acts of impunity have become rampant.

This was revealed by ASP Charles Twine Mansio the spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in a security briefing held in Kampala.

According to Twine, this notorious gang has in the recent past terrorised people in Entebbe and it targets groups ranging from the vulnerable, sick and also the rich.

“They have done unprecedented damage and are so daring to the extent that they don’t even fear court processes,” he said.

In some of the cases that CID is handling, Twine revealed that members of this organised criminal gang have been taken to courts of law and remanded but they cannot stay on remand for two weeks and they have multiple case files.

“We would like to sound a serious warning that we are going to have a Wembley like operation against them because they have now become dangerous. This is going to be done to ensure that they are stopped completely because people are suffering,” Twine said.

In one of the cases that is under investigation by CID, the gang created 3 groups of children all claiming to belong to a man who died five years ago but ironically, all the groups don’t know each other.

The department spokesperson also revealed that the groups of children don’t know exactly where their purported father was buried.


This according to Police is suspicious, wastes tax payers money and can lead to the disturbance of the peace of the deceased persons because investigations in such cases requires exhuming remains for DNA tests.

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