Police Warns Besigye Against Furthering Defiance Campaign

Police have warned that they won’t hesitate taking on the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, troche Dr. Kizza Besigye who has just returned to the country, if he chooses to carry on with his defiance campaign.

This has been revealed by the Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Felix Kaweesi who stressed that Besigye is a free to move to any place in the country as any other Ugandan.

“We maintain that we have no problem with Besigye, he has come back home but once he chooses to involve himself in criminality or causes insecurity, we shall not allow him,” Kaweesi told the media at the police celebrations in Kololo.

While addressing press at his home upon return, Besigye vowed to keep the foot on the gas with the defiance campaign and the NRM government falls.

He said, “The lesson we take is that if people choose to withdraw their support, their cooperation from the regime, the regime falls. It cannot survive.

“That is exactly what we shall continue doing- to mobilize our people to withdraw their cooperation from these imposters. We shall tell our people to stand firm and see that no dictator will ever again emerge to lead Uganda”

About Besigye’s arrest at the Airport, Kaweesi stated that Besigye was arrested under ‘preventive arrest’ this morning as soon as he arrived at the Airport by the Police Aviation.

“The arrest was aimed at preventing crime and causing chaos in town that would disrupt business in the city center as they had prepared.”


“They have been mobilizing people to welcome Dr. Besigye and according to intelligence information, these groups were preparing to cause instability in the country and engage in criminality.”

“The police at the Airport conducted preventive arrest and he was taken to his home where he arrived safely, his luggage, passport and everything that belongs to him was all taken to him.”

“If anything is still missing, we are going to work with aviation authority to make sure that all his property reaches him.”

“The city is now stable and there is no chaos; we request him together with his people to exercise restraint and maintain peace in the country.

On allegations that Besigye’s passport wasn’t stamped, Kaweesi noted that it is a preserve of the aviation and in any case, the passport belongs to the Government of Uganda.

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