Police Warn as FDC Prepares for Independence Day Showdown

Police’s warning it will not tolerate any parallel political assemblies on Independence Day (Oct.9) and opposition FDC’s refusal to comply with the law enforcement body’s orders have set the stage for a possible confrontation this weekend.

FDC strongman Dr Kizza Besigye this week said the party would hold a series of functions as part of their defiance campaign against the sitting government.

“The lesson we take is that if people choose to withdraw their support, help their cooperation from the regime, the regime falls. It cannot survive,” said Besigye on Monday in his first media address upon returning from Europe.

“That is exactly what we shall continue doing- to mobilize our people to withdraw their cooperation from these imposters. We shall tell our people to stand firm and see that no dictator will ever again emerge to lead Uganda,” he added.

It is understood FDC recently wrote to Police communicating its intention to conduct a number of assemblies and processions during the Independence week starting October 7.

The Police Force responded: “The Independence Day is a National Public Holiday under the provisions of the Public Holiday’s Act Cap 255, from which the government schedules National Public Celebrations.  This year’s celebrations will be in Luuka district.”

According to Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi, FDC was further informed that the law enforcement body together with other security agencies was now focused on the security for the success of the national celebrations.

“Holding assemblies and celebrations parallel to the national celebrations seem to have an unclear motive that would undermine the security and success of the national celebrations,” he observed.



ChimpReports understands that Besigye’s defiant stance has since compelled security chiefs to draw a masterplan that will see him contained in Kasangati till the end of the Independence Day celebrations.

Sources in security said majority of opposition leaders will not be allowed out of their residences starting tonight.

“No one will cause instability during this week,” said a senior security official, adding, “Whoever tries to do so will taste our wrath.”

Kaweesi on Thursday revealed that the FDC party has been “advised therefore to attend the national celebrations and desist from conducting parallel ceremonies,” emphasizing, “The general public is therefore advised to avoid any parallel celebrations that are conducted outside the national celebrations.”

Previous clashes between police and Besigye’s supporters have left many injured and property worth millions of shillings destroyed.

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