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Police Unveil New Security Protocols for Naguru Headquarters

Uganda Police Headquarters has issued fresh access restrictions in what appears a move to get rid of spies and tighten security at the tightly-guarded facility.
AIGP Balimoyo said in a public note that “all police officers visiting the police headquarters must be in uniform and should come with a matching order signed by their respective unit commanders.”
Balimoyo further stated that “any officer found loitering at the police headquarters without any clear documentation shall be arrested and disciplinary action taken against errant officers for disobedience of lawful orders.”
The fresh instructions come against the backdrop of the assassination of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi as he left his residence in Kulambiro last month.
Police have responded by tightening security of their high ranking officers.
The Inspector General of Police, more about Gen Kale Kayihura had earlier revealed his insecurity at his office at the Naguru-based police headquarters.
“I don’t feel safe here because the security personnel seem to have relaxed, there ” said Kayihura who has just returned from leave in December 2016.
“It is not only for me but all of you here at the police headquarters, ” he emphasised.
The police headquarters is among the most heavily-guarded facilities in the country.
Specialised combat and intelligence units including counter terrorism squads maintain security of the police base.
But Kayihura said he was not satisfied with the access control measures and perimeter security installments.
“The responsible people need to beef it up. In fact the next time you (journalists) get inconvenienced, don’t complain, it only a security measure,” he added.
The police boss ordered responsible officers to act immediately; stressing such laxity was responsible for the death of police officers in the Kasese conflict.
“This should be adhered by all police stations because we are now targets of these acts. You should be cautious of even your own shadows,” he cautioned.
Balimoyo urged unit commanders to share information on new security protocols with their respective officers.

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