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Police Under Fire Over Missing Muslims

Police have named suspects that apparently master-minded the robbery where thieves broke-in and stole camera equipment belonging to Kinetic Management and Savanna Moon Film crews.

The house that belongs to Kinetic Management boss Cedric Babu was reportedly broken into after robbers realized that the crews had gone out to relax after a long day’s work.

Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson, troche Patrick Onyango has confirmed to ChimpReports that the arrested suspects are; Sajon Bwambale and Benson Abula who have been working as private security guards at the premises.

“The other suspect is a middle aged woman identified as Shakirah Nansamba whose role is yet to be established, approved ”

“Preliminary investigations show that at around 3:30am, thieves gained access into the house through the living room. They proceeded to a room where the gadgets were kept, packed everything and left the scene,” Onyango said.

In the wake of the highly publicised ‘restructuring’ at the Namuwongo based Monitor Publications, viagra government has come out with a stern call for fairness and objectivity by the top managers of the publication.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo expressed concern today, check about the boiling acrimony inside the Monitor, which this week culminated in the sacking of its formidable journalists.

An Opinion Poll supposedly commissioned by the company is at the center of the steaming saga.

Published last Monday, the poll suggested that if the next general elections were to be held today, incumbent President Yoweri Museveni would win with 57%, while 6% would vote former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

Infuriated opposition political parties hastened to rubbish the results with claims that the poll was a fake.

Leader of Opposition, [also a board member and one of the Monitor Founders] Hon Wafula Oguttu, took to social media and claimed the poll had not been commissioned by the company, but was planted there by government agents.

At the heat of the melee, Daily Monitor’s Managing Editor Mr Don Wanyama was relieved of his duties the following morning, under a purported necessary company restricting exercise.

Government spokesperson today decried what he termed as lack of fairness and objectivity by the company’s top managers.


“The essence of media houses is to hold public authority to account. If they [Monitor] claim to be independent, they should do so both internally and externally,” said Opondo while on the weekly Capital Gang talk show.

“What we are seeing in the Monitor today is something many of us have complained about – lack of fairness and objectivity.

The said lack of neutrality Opondo said was not only at Monitor but also government owned New Vision. Opondo told of how he had caused the sacking of New Vision Corporate Secretary Konrad Nkutu in 2001, after intercepting emails confirming he was a campaign Manager of FDC Presidential Candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye.

This was against the law, for any person working for a government Corporation to indulge in party politics.

The government mouthpiece went on to accuse Monitor of “shelving” results of a poll commissioned by FDC in 2010, which turned out giving president Museveni a big lead.

“We found it strange that an independent newspaper could accept to hide such results. But as you know, government works with everybody. We found the results and we asked other media houses to run them.

Opondo asked the Monitor and other media houses to always exhibit impartiality. “If you want to hold government accountable, you should hold yourself accountable first.”

In a statement issued today, Daily Monitor’s Executive Editor Mr Malcolm Gibson appeared to attribute the “Shocking” results of the poll, to sacked Wanyama, who was in its charge, for “circumventing the normal editing procedures.”

“The [Poll] story was conceived and ultimately published without proper oversight, contrary to current guidelines. In other words, editors who should have been involved were not notified or consulted. That situation has been addressed to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” said Malcolm in the statement.

He went on to assure readers that in the coming polls ahead of 2016 general elections, greater care will be taken at each step in the process – from the questions asked to the final presentation – so that the information doesn’t confuse and mislead, as last Monday’s effort did, but enlightens and informs.

Don Wanyama however, holds that Malcolm’s statement was out of pressure piling from the French based research company Ipsos, which is being depicted in this saga as being paid by government to release ‘favourable’ poll results.

Following the mysterious missing of 5 members of the Tabliq Muslim sect, patient their leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga has lashed at police for what he termed as being used by some forces with an intention of dividing them.

Preaching during the Friday Juma prayers at Nakasero Mosque, prescription Sheikh Kamoga explained that it was wrong for Police to forcefully break and open Masjid Noor Mosque along William Street last month adding that the law enforcement body ought to have handled the matter amicably.

“I won’t mince any word and I will call spade a spade. We shall not end the struggle to fight for togetherness as this will make us strong and fight our enemy,”Kamoga said on Friday afternoon.

“We can’t allow to be divided by some malicious people who want to provoke us into battle. We shall not go to streets to demonstrate but will not allow to be trampled upon.”

According to the Tabliq Sect leader, police is being used by a certain clique of people with their own motives whom he said have intensions to take over leadership which he said won’t be tolerated.

“Some group comes and gives money to a small clique that then begins to disorganize us. We must reject all those people who intend to divide us in order to fulfill their own motives. Inshah Allah, we shall remain one person.”

Kamoga Lashes at Police Over Missing Muslims
“Why arrest someone like a goat? Why keep them at unknown places? Produce them in courts of law for everyone to know the truth. Police is being used by a certain clique to arrest our fellow believers which is very unfortunate. They ought to make thorough investigations into the matters before arresting anyone,”Kamoga fumed.

According to the Tabliq Muslim Secretary General, Ayub Nyende,5 of their members including Yusuf Kakande, Abdul Salaam Sekayanja, Siraj Kawooya, Twaha Ssekitto and Rashid Jjingo this week went missing in circumstances the Muslims say are unexplained.

“Some men came dressed in police uniform and arrested the 5 believers but when we asked police, they denied having arrested any one. We ask them to explain the whereabouts of our brothers and the reason behind their arrest,” Nyende explained.

“They should be produced to court and evidence brought against them so that everyone gets to know the truth behind the arrest rather than detaining them in ungazetted places. Why are we being treated like second class citizens?”

Police Clears Air on Missing Muslims
In an interview with Chimpreports, the Deputy police spokesperson Pollly Namaye accepted that they have of recent carried out operations that led to arrest of some Muslims following the death of Muslim clerics but declined to divulge the names of those in detention.

“We have some of them in detention but we are not yet ready to reveal their names until investigations are complete. I can’t confirm that it’s those missing Muslims but what I can tell you we arrested some people,” Namaye explained.

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