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Police Told to Expedite Kasiwukira Death Probe

The Bishop of Ankole Diocese, web cheapest Rt. Rev. Dr. Frederick Sheldon Mwesigwa has blasted civil servants especially health workers who put accumulation of wealth and money above delivery of service and upholding value for human life.

“I pity greedy civil servants who treasure wealth and money more than the service they are supposed to deliver. Such people shall never accumulate the money and shall always be trapped in troubled personal lives, online ” he said.

He pointed out that many people opt to work abroad and distant places so that they get more money at the expense of service to their community and their relationships with their families which has often led to broken homes and HIV/AIDS.

The tough speaking bishop was on Saturday evening speaking at the Golden Jubilee service of Dr. Keith Waddell Morton’s service at Ruharo Hospital in Kamukuzi Division, Mbarara Municipality.

He congratulated Dr. Morton for his 50 years of committed service in Uganda and connecting the Church of Uganda to the Church of England which he said has yielded a number of helpful projects.

In his speech, Dr. Morton said he was disappointed with many Ugandans who misused the God-given opportunities and privileges of service.

Dr. Morton told the congregation that his coming to Uganda was accidental because the African Inland Mission (AIM) in United Kingdom through St. Mary’s Islington Church had sent him to serve in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but ended up being posted in Kaganda, Kasese District following the influx of Congolese refugees that had flocked the country.

He noted that this iis when he established Kagando hospital in Kasese and Ruharo hospital in Mbarara with funds from AIM, UK.


The 78-year-old unmarried doctor without a single biological child has adopted over 200 children in Uganda whose education he has sponsored to University level.

He however regrets that he has so far lost 10 of his children to HIV/AIDS and reckless living.

Dr. Morton also challenged the youths to prioritize service, guard against corruption and care for those in need.
Relatives and friends of the late Eria Sebunya alias Kasiwukira, buy information pills have urged police to expedite investigations into the gruesome murder of the successful Kampala businessman.

During the requiem mass held at St Stephen’s church Kisugu, more about Kampala on Sunday, Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga called upon police to “improve on the speed of their investigations” and also “explain on the way how the body was transported to Mulago Hospital.”

He added: “Should we say that investigations are as hard as going to space? And even if that’s the case, people have travelled to space – so Police should work hard to provide a report on Kasiwukira’s death to clear the confusion caused by this tragic incident.”

Mayiga later advised police not “to only hold celebrations for 100 but they should focus on accounting for their roles.”

Kasiwukira was knocked dead last Friday as he jogged in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb. Police carried his body on a pickup truck to Mulago Referral Hospital.

Godfrey Kirumira, the chairperson of Bagaga Kwagalana, an association of wealthy businessmen, also expressed his bitterness with “the way Police handled the matters of Kasiwukira’s murder.”

Kirumira charged: “We are not happy with the way how Kasiwukira’s body was handled by Police especially officers who picked it from the scene of crime. How can Police put the body of an investor who has worked a lot for the good of this economy on a patrol pick up which is used to carry murderers and thugs who have been killed and left on the roadsides?”

He also advised Police to speed up investigations and come up with a clear report on the cause of Kasiwukira’s death, saying, “It was not accident.”

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the incident which has sent cold shivers down the spine of Kampala dwellers, occurred at around 6:20am on Friday.

“Kasiwukira was found dead a distance of about 300 meters from his home, alongside the road sloping from diplomat zone to Muyenga main road. This was moments after he had left his home at diplomat zone, Muyenga for a morning road run,” said Enanga.

He further elaborated that the police visited the scene and transported the body to Mulago city mortuary for post-mortem analysis.

“The nature of injuries that led to the death of the deceased were grave suggesting the probable involvement of a moving object like a speeding motor vehicle,” he added.

Enanga further revealed that police have set up a “joint investigative team from the homicide and traffic department to gather intelligence and information on the suspect(s) and or a motor vehicle involved.”


He also appealed to the public or any eye witness or persons with information to reach police on telephone numbers: 0715989998 or 0711778265.

However, Kirumira said, “Police have  been putting up rewards for people who help to identify criminals but  are yet to do so on this case. Why?  As members of Kwagalana group we shall not sit back but announce a big reward for any person who leads to the arrest of people involved in this murder.”

Canon Ephraim Gensi who presided over the memorial service, appealed to government to boost security personnel in the city to allow people go about their business without any interference.

“I was shocked to hear that our Christian had been murdered. I am wondering if such a thing happened to such a prominent man then what about the poor people out there.”

Canon Gensi praised the late for being supportive to his church especially in the construction department.

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