Police to Enforce Ban On Campaign Restricted Districts, Towns

Police has said that it’s personnel will continue enforcing the political campaign ban that was imposed on some districts and towns across the country by the Electoral commission.

The commission recently informed candidates including presidential candidates not to go ahead and carry out campaigns in specific districts considered to be Covid19 hotspots.

Announcing the restrictions and operations On Monday, Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that well as it is publicly known that candidate face unprecedented challenges while canvassing votes, Covid19 has created a situation that is not ideal for the candidates and political parties to do so.

“All candidates should know that the health and safety of Ugandans is of paramount significance.  As you focus on how to win the election, also focus on how to help Ugandans stay safe,” he said.

The law enforcement body has encouraged candidates at all levels to consider the alternative to gather virtually either online via Television and Radios, Community Based Public Address Systems (Kizindaalo) etc, Facebook live events, Volunteer Phone Calls and SMS.

According to Police, those who will not abide by the guidelines and restrictions will suffer severe consequences.

“We would like to issue a stern warning to candidates/political parties that continue to hold mass rallies that it is too dangerous.  They have to adjust accordingly for the sake of protecting the health of the community,” said Fred Enanga.

So far, none of the candidates/political parties have come out with a formal statement cancelling their campaign events in these respective districts/cities and how they will contend with the Electoral Commission directive.



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