Police to Deploy 2 SPCs Per Polling Station on Voting Day

Police has revealed that it will deploy at least two Special Police Constables (SPC) at every polling station across the country on 14th January 2021 as Uganda goes to the polls.

According to the law enforcement body, this has been done to ensure that there are no distractions at the polling centers basing on the intelligence reports that there are some groups of people planning to harass voters on polling day, a strategy specifically targeting elderly persons, women and new young voters.

“We do have so many forces that are against our nation and want to antagonize us but what we can tell you is that in our daily reviews that we make, we are happy to inform the country that all the 50,000 special police constables were passed out and these are going to act as polling constables in over 34000 polling stations across the country,” said Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga.

Adding: “We shall also have a balance, we are trying to see if we can deploy at least two polling constables per polling station.”

He further noted that Police has identified some polling stations in areas known to be “riot hotspots” especially in Kampala and upcountry cities and a special security strategy has been devised to safeguard, keep law and order in such places.

“Although the presence of security at polling centers is not allowed, Patrol routes have been designated across polling areas to guard against acts of impunity and criminality,” Enanga said.

The joint security taskforce, also comprising of UPDF, said that it is continuing to review and strengthen security infrastructure at all levels.

“Deployment shall be multi layered from polling centers to tallying centers and there is sufficient manpower  targeting the parishes, sub counties and county levels. Mobile squads on foot and motorized response teams on motorcycles and vehicles have also been arranged,” the joint security taskforce officials said.


This development comes high on the heels following the ‘peace assurance’ by the newly appointed Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech.

In his first address to the press, Gen. Lokech promised a peaceful election period and post-election stability in the country.

He, however, asked the public to cooperate with the security forces if peace is to prevail.

“In order to deliver peace, it requires partnership between us the custodians of this peace and you the population giving us all the cooperation we deserve to ensure that we have peace during this time,” Gen Lokech said.

“Of course we are going to have other challenges but I would like to assure Ugandans that we are going to have a peaceful election. I would also like to reassure Ugandans that even after the elections, Uganda will be peaceful,” he added.


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