Police to Arrest Drivers of Vehicles with Unlawful Sirens, Lights



The directorate of traffic in the Uganda Police Force has Wednesday announced that it will launch a crackdown on drivers who install sirens and emergency lights in their private vehicles.

The crackdown, police says, takes immediate effect in Kampala and other major towns around the country.

This development was revealed by the new Acting Director of Traffic and Road Safety Bazir Mugisha CPS, after he took over command from Dr. Stephen Kasiima.

Mugisha says the Police’s action is in response to the growing number of public complaints about such vehicles on roads especially in Kampala and other fast growing towns.

These cars, he says, create unnecessary inconveniences to road users and pose a threat of accidents.

Acting Director of traffic and road safety Bazir Mugisha

“Henceforth, in the interest of further maintaining road safety and promoting orderliness on our road system. The directorate of traffic and road safety wishes to reiterate our commitment to enforce traffic regulations so as to ensure the safer use of roads he said,”

The new traffic commander stated that the law only provides for emergency and other authorised vehicles.

Authorised vehicles according to police are those for the president, vice President, Ambulances, fire brigade among others.


“There are those people who think that they are in more hurry than others and bend the law, we shall arrest you and this starts with immediate effect,” Bazir Mugisha said.

Adding that upon arrest, the sirens and lights shall be confiscated and the car owner charged in courts of law.

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