Police Tips on Avoiding Thefts in Taxis

Thieves targeting passengers in commuter taxis is becoming a rampant crime in urban areas, and owing to that Emilian Kayiima, the police spokesperson cautioned the public to be vigilant while they use public means of transport.

Kayima told journalists at Central Police Station in Kampala that the cases have skyrocketed across the country.

“Police has detected an increase in thefts committed to passengers in taxis,” Kayima said.

He told journalists that in most cases, taxi operators especially those that operate at night and rural areas turn against their passengers and steal from them.

He said they normally target those with expensive gadgets like phones, laptops, tablets among others.

“Be cautious to note the registration numbers of the taxis you travel in,” he advised.

He added that some taxi operators sedate their passengers with chemicals like chloroform, which makes them to “black out”.

He warned people to desist from travelling in vehicles that are not licensed to carry passengers.


“These cars may be belonging to kidnappers and other persons with ill motives,” he said.

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