Police Threatens Action as Ingrid Protests Destruction of Campaign Posters

FDC’s Chief Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe has rushed to police to report vandals that destroyed her campaign posters.

Mrs Turinawe is running as an independent candidate for the Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary seat.

Turinawe, who reported the case at Rukungiri Central Police station on Thursday says her campaign billboards were destroyed on Wednesday night.

“I woke up in shock after being informed that my campaign billboards in Rukungiri town, Katobo, Marumba, Nyakibale, Rwentondo, Kyatoko and Ruruku were destroyed. We suspect some of our opponents must be behind this act” Turinawe said.

The Rukungiri District Police Commander SP Henry Kintu acknowledged registering Turinawe’s case on reference number SD 23/29/10/2020 and said investigations have already been initiated.

SP Kintu further warned that whoever is behind this act should immediately stop since it is against the laws of the land.

“We have already sent our team of investigators to ascertain the situation and get footages from the cameras along the street in town to get the persons behind this” SP Kintu said

Rukungiri Municipality Parliamentary seat is being contested by 9 candidates including Dr Walen Tumwiine of the Forum for Democratic Change FDC, Dr Elisa Rutahigwa of the National Resistance Movement NRM, George Owakukiroru, Apollo Kabano Kyabarongo, Ingrid Turinawe, Amanya Nduhura Tumukunde and Osbert Murisa.


Ingrid stood as an Independent after she was defeated in the party primaries which she says was marred by voter bribery and massive rigging.

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