Police Speaks Out On Viral Assault Video

Kampala Metropolitan Police on Friday came out and clarified on video that went viral on social media in which a group of people were seen assaulting a person wearing a yellow T-shirt similar to that of NRM party.

According to Police, the victim in the video was not being assaulted because of his shirt as some groups of people had started to claim but because he was a member of a criminal gang.

“While Police is still scrutinizing evidence gathered so far, it has emerged that on Wednesday January 6th, 2021, two (2) criminal gangs commonly known as “kifesi” and “Bigali” were mobilized in Kisenyi and given partisan politically inclined t-shirts with intention to cause chaos and mayhem,” said the spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan area ASP Luke Owoyesigire.

Owoyesigire revealed that the group walked from Kisenyi road towards Blue room, while robbing phones and money from the public. However, they met a resistance a few meters away as they were approaching the junction of Kafumbe Mukasa road where they were beaten up by members of the public and some, consequently undressed.

In response, Police from old Kampala arrested three suspects namely Katerega Muhammad, a one Ogutu Bernard and Ngubiri Charles.

Police also recovered two damaged mobile phones from them.


The trio have been charged of theft vide SD ref 08/06/01/202.


Further, Owoyesigire revealed that the suspected thugs allege that they were under the command of a one Ssentongo


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