Police Speaks Out on Kyambogo Student Amputated By Teargas Canister 


Police has come out in defense of its anti – riot intervention methods following yesterday’s incident in which a student lost his hand to an exploding teargas canister.

The Kyambogo University student who was named by media as Abraham Kansiime, had his right hand ripped off by the device during a students’ demonstration.

Police says he picked up the canister and tried to hurl it back at police officers when it exploded in his hand.

With gruesome photos of Kansiime spreading on social media, Police’ Chief Political Commissar came out this morning to defend police officers saying that the force usually has limited choices in cases of violent rioting.

“ We all have a responsibility of improving society and how it’s managed,” Kasingye said.

“ I too don’t believe in tear gas. But world over, its used in public demonstrations. Any one with a better alternative is welcome.”

Kasigye noted that police in such situations has to use teargas which can only be launched using canisters.


“Unfortunately that’s the only means tear gas is launched. Remember, it’s gas. How else do you preserve gas and release it several meters away, if not by canisters?”

To avoid such incidents, the police boss says there is need to exploit peaceful means of address.

In case of student riots, he says, such measures have to be led by the education institutions themselves so that police doesn’t have to intervene

Kyambogo students were yesterday protesting against a new fees policy in which they are required to clear all dues within the first 12 weeks of the semester or take a dead year.

The demonstration quickly turned violent with student damaging university structures and vehicles .

The injured student was reportedly rushed to Kyambogo University Medical Centre, and later moved to Nsambya Hospital.

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