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Police Slap Charges on Kiwana Killer

Police have revealed that they have established a prima facie case against city trader, here advice Godfrey Muhirwa who admitted to shooting three people leaving two dead including a flying squad operative.

Police spokesperson, web Fred Enanga has told journalists that enough evidence has been gathered implicating Muhirwa with two counts of murder and one attempted murder.

Enanga noted that the file had been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for scrutiny who will later charge Muhirwa in courts of law.

He said it has been established that Muhirwa illegally posessed the pistol which he used since it’s license had expired and was pending renewal.

Enanga added that Muhirwa was also found in possession of a passport that had different particulars but had his photo.

“Police have discovered that the particulars are for a resident in Lwengo District and we have dispatched a team to establish whether there is any connection between Muhigwa and the said Lwengo resident, ” he remarked.

Enanga noted that police are still investigating the conduct of Muhirwa to establish whether he has a clean record or not.

Muhirwa, a prominent motor spare parts dealer in Ndeeba is said to have shot three people on October 15 whom he alleges were trying to rob him of his money.


The two namely, Muhammad Kiwana and Deo Jaaya, a Flying squad operative died on spot whereas Matia Kikaya was rushed to Mualgo Hospital under critical conditions.



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