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Police Set to Release Report on Kidnaps

With the rising trend of kidnap crimes in the country, Uganda police on Monday revealed that it is set to release a preliminary report on the various cases registered so far this year.

Several cases of missing persons have been reported from various areas in the country at different police stations.

In some incidents, victims of kidnap have been rescued by police while others are killed by the kidnappers.

It has been discovered that the kidnappers always target children of the famous and rich from whom they demand exorbitant ransoms in order to release their loved ones.

The most notable kidnap which sparked off public uproar was that of Suzan Magara who was a daughter to a local businessman in Kampala.

Emilian Kayima, the Uganda police spokesperson on Monday while addressing the press on Kampala said that police has arrested many suspects in connection with various kidnap cases.

He revealed that the most recent suspected kidnappers were arrested on Sunday from Kiteezi, a Kampala suburb.

Kayima told journalists that the suspects were nabbed after police got a tip off of a two-year-old baby who was kidnapped from a resident in the same locality.


He said that on arrest, police searched their houses and recovered the juvenile who was kept incommunicado.

Relatedly, during the weekend, police in old Kampala arrested a woman identified as Uwera Mariam 21, who had faked her kidnap with intentions to extort her “Stingy boyfriend”.

“She has been charged with conspiracy to create a felony,” Kayima said.

Last week, Denis Alenyo, a son to Col. Ongia, the chairperson of operation wealth creation resurfaced after being in abduction close to a week by unknown kidnappers who are still at large.

With the increase in the disappearance of people, the police mouthpiece cautioned the public to be more vigilant and take extra care since kidnappers are on rampage.

“Police shall soon release a report on kidnaps and progress of investigation,” said Kayima.

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