Police Resumes Curfew Enforcement Starting Tonight

Uganda Police has announced it is resuming enforcement of the nightly curfew that was put in place 7 months ago by President Yoweri Museveni to prevent the spread of Covid19.

The curfew was initially running from 7pm to 6am in the morning, before it was relaxed in August to start at 9pm.

Since then, the police had generally relaxed the enforcement of the curfew as most of the other movement restrictions started to get lifted.

However, the Police says now that full enforcement of the curfew will be resumed started today Monday October 12th

“Tonight, we are re-instating all curfew check points. Vehicles will be stopped at 2100hrs. We are witnessing people starting to violate the curfew hours. Today, plan your journey early,” said Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Patrick Onyango.

The Uganda Police Force later on confirmed in a brief statement that the curfew enforcement was back.

“We are reinvigorating the Anti-COVID19 enforcement measures and would like to remind all motorists that the timing of the curfew is 9:00PM,” Police said.

“All bodaboda riders are also reminded to observe the 6pm timing. Those caught outside these timings may suffer consequences this evening.”


The development follows a directive from President Yoweri Museveni early last month for security forces to tighten enforcement of the curfew for commuter motorcycles bodabodas, private and public transport, among others.

According to Information Minister Hon Judith Nabakooba, the president was concerned among others by the motorists violating Covid19 restrictions as well as bars which have continued to operate illegally.

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