Police, Residents Fight for Buffalo Meat

Residents of Rwensambya village in Keihangara sub-county, ailment Ibanda district on Thursday clashed with the local police over meat of a stray buffalo, mind which was killed after it injured a woman.

Locals identified the injured woman only as Kiconco, who was rushed at Kagongo Hospital with severe injuries.

One of the residents Beninya Mubangizi, who was also faintly injured by the animal, told Chimpreports that he dashed from his garden where he was working to save Ms Kiconco from the beast when she made an alarm.

Crime Presenters trying to maintain calm during the slaughtering
Crime Presenters trying to maintain calm during the slaughtering

As the berserk buffalo raged on, he said they were joined by other residents in a short while and later on officers from Rwensabya Police Post, and managed to neutralize the animal.

Drama however unfolded as residents in their dozens, who gathered to slaughter the buffalo tried to fend off the police officers who also demanded a share.


Luckily after hours of quarreling, consensus prevailed and nearly about 200 people shared on the kill.

The DPC Ibanda police while commenting on the incident, urged locals to always try to communicate to Uganda Wildlife Authoritie (UWA) in cases of stray animals, as some could be extremely dangerous.

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