Police Releases Anti-Kibuule Youths

Police have released a group of NRM youths who were being held on incitement charges at Wandegeya Police station.

The youths were picked yesterday at a press conference they were holding for a campaign against youth Minister Ronald Kibuule.

They hold that the Minister has not been representative of youth’s interests on cabinet and want him dropped by President Yoweri Museveni.

The group led by NRM’s Ibrahim Kitatta says they have issued a certificate of incompetence to Kibuule for what they termed as “failure to address issues concerning youth in the country.”

“Hon Kibuule (if you are honorable anyway) your CERTIFICATE OF INCOMPETENCE with the award of WORST YOUTH MINISTER OF ALL TIME is under safe custody at Wandegeya Police Station with my hired tormentors in our cherished police uniform, ” the said in a statement.

Speaking earlier to Chimpreports,  the youths explained that the minister since being appointed to the position in 2011 had done nothing to improve the welfare of the youth which they termed as incompetence on his side.

“The President introduced the youth fund, loan scheme and the Kampala youth funds among others but Kibuule has done nothing to see that the money reaches the intended beneficiaries. Neither has he reported back to the president about the same issue,” stressed one of the arrested youths David Kabanda

After being released on Police bond, the arrest which they claim was on orders of Kibuule himself, will not bar the young activists from campaign against him.

“Given the prevailing conditions of poverty, unemployment, lack of capital and lack of appropriate skills, the youth would wish to have a Youth Minister who is not only youthful in age but also one who can be a bridge between them and effective service delivery,” the noted.

“As we head to 2016 elections, President Museveni needs a Youth Minister who can perform to expected standards.”

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