Police Release Details of Murdered Clinical Officer, Warns Politicians Against Opportunistic Tendencies

Police has come out and issued an account   regarding the death of a man who was brutally killed in Lira district early this week.

Images of the deceased were widely shared on social media platforms with claims that his murder was premeditated because he was an active politician in the area.

On Wednesday, spokesperson Fred Enanga released a statement in the earlier claims were refuted.

Enanga identified the deceased as 38-year-old Bonny Omara, a clinical officer at Nabweyo health centre, at Amolatar district, who also doubled as a student at Jerusalem Institute of Health, Lira District.

The body of the deceased was discovered dumped at Ocukura “A” village, Adekokwok Sub-County in Lira District, 19/01/2020 at around 12.

Enanga says preliminary information reveals that the victim, on the 04/01/2020, lent his motorcycle to a one Geofrey Oyugi, who left Amolator, for Lira on the 5/01/2020, to sit for his exams at Canon Lawrence Institute.

On the 11/01/2020, Oyugi with his friend, rode to the Bank and parked aside. While inside the bank, the motorcycle was identified by Okot a mechanic, who used to repair it, and alerted its original owner, called Okwir Patrick, from Amolatar district.

“He had reported the theft of his motorcycle at Amolatar CPS in May, 2017; after his house was broken into,” he added.


Enanga said the matter was brought to the attention of the officers at Lira main market police post, who responded and impounded the motorcycle.

A report of being in possession of suspected stolen property was registered and both parties advised to furnish the police with documents supporting proof of their ownership.

The rider Geoffrey Oyugi was released on police bond to get in touch with the owner and return with documents of ownership.

On Saturday, Omara left Amolatar, to follow up the suspected stolen motorcycle at Lira.

He however reached late and spent the night with his colleagues at the institute.

The following morning of Sunday, in the company of three other students, Omara Jerusalem Institute of Health and went shopping in town.  They proceeded to Lira Main Market Police, to follow-up on the impounded motorcycle at around 10:00am

The officers contacted Okwir Patrick, the other claimant of the motorcycle, who was in Dokolo district, who promised to arrive at 2pm with his claim of ownership. The victim was granted police bond and asked to return at 2pm, so that their documents are analyzed.

Omara had indicated that he bought the motorcycle reg. no. UDR 219N Bajaj Boxer from one Emetu Sam on the 12/12/2017 at a cost of 600,000= and started using it, while Okwir Patrick claims the motorcycle was stolen in May, 2017 after his house in Amolatar was broken into.

Enanga says Omara returned to the Institute to wait for the arrival of the other claimant, and later he eventually left the Institute, but was not seen again, till when his body was discovered dead.

“Both his hands were tied to the thigh with a rope and there were bruises to the head. We also found tyre marks which indicated the scene where the body was dumped as secondary.  The scene was well documented and the body transported to Lira Referral Hospital for Post-mortem analysis. The cause of death was revealed as manual strangulation leading to the breaking of the trachea.”

The police spokesman says at this stage, the motive surrounding his alleged murder is not yet established.

Her says however that the police team has obtained very crucial leads that are being followed up, which will help lead to the identity of the suspects and the motor vehicle that dumped the body.

“We would like to caution the media and politicians to stop politicizing the alleged murder of the victim. Their claims have no substantiality at this stage,” he said.

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