Police Recover Body Amours in Heightened Operations against Illegal Military Stores

Police and Joint security teams have revealed that they have recovered an assortment of military items including body amours in the recently intensified operations against illegal military stores across the country.

“We wish to inform the public that the joint security team is continuing to make operations and apprehend and cause prosecution of all persons that will be found in possession of unauthorized government stores or any items that resemble by design the government stores,” said ASP Charles Twine Mansio the spokesperson of Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

This revelation follows a series of raids on targeted areas suspected to house stocks of suspected military stores in Kampala, Sezibwa and Jinja policing regions.

According to Police, intensified operations started on October, 26 when teams in Sezibwa region raided suspected places in Kayunga, Njeru and Buvuma Islands and recovered 10 red military berrets, 3 black belts, 3 Army green berrets and 13 Army trousers.

Other items included 8 army shorts, 5 army jackets, 10 shirts and a yet to be specified number of skirts.

Twine Mansio said that the recovery of this assortment led to the arrest of 10 suspects who have been charged with being in possession of government stores.

Meanwhile in Njeru, Police operatives managed to recover 2 original military body amours, ranger boots, berets and jackets.

Unlike in Buikwe, Police has stated that the suspects were cooperative and handed in the items freely.


“We cautioned and pardoned them,” said police.

Just like in Kampala, On Thursday morning, Police also raided NUP party offices in Jinja and confiscated a number of items said to resemble army attire and arrested two suspects who are still under detention at Jinja Central Police station.

From investigations, Police has said that they have discovered that some of the exhibits recovered belonged to deceased security officers who were reportedly murdered under clear circumstances.

“Some of the items our teams have recovered belong to our comrades who have been murdered and scientifically it will be proved,” Twine Mansio said.

Recently, security agencies warned the public against wearing clothes that were gazzeted as a military preserve. These included red, green, yellow, black and blue berets.


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