Police Positive About New Specialized Suspect Transport Trucks

Uganda Police are introducing brand new specialized transportation vehicles that will take over the responsibility of delivering suspects to detention centers, from the infamous pickup patrol trucks.

The police say they are piloting these “Suspects Trucks,” and if approved, will be procured in larger quantities and sent out to all units across the country.

The Inspector General Police Gen Kale Kayihura, who recently returned from a highly publicized trip abroad, yesterday inspected two samples of the trucks at the police headquarters in Naguru.

IGP Kale Kayihura inspecting the new trucks
IGP Kale Kayihura inspecting the new trucks

Kayihura, according to police publicist AIGP Asan Kasingye, will determine whether the trucks are suitable for the job and then order for the procurement.

The trucks are designed with a fixed cage in the rear of the vehicle with cushioned seats and can carry up to 12 suspects and two escorts.

Kasingye, while speaking to Chimpreports, said the Toyota Land Cruisers if approved will come as a handy replacement of pickup trucks in transportation of suspects from crime scenes.

“These will ensure that the rights of suspects are respects,” he said. “Pushing people under seats of patrol pickups is not the best way.”

“We also want to avoid diverting the patrol vehicles to delivering accident victims and suspects conveyance. Now they can remain on their cardinal responsibility of patrolling. Once someone has been arrested by a patrol vehicle, they can call the suspects’ truck to take them to places of detention.”

Kasingye also highlighted the fact that the new trucks can minimize escape of suspects because they are securer.

“Also the embarrassing exposure of suspects to the public during arrest can be minimized. Someone is a suspect; there is no need of exposing them to the prying eyes of the public.”

The police publicist however, could not specify the number of trucks planned for procurement or the cost.

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